Walker Websites is a web design company based in Highams Park, East London E4 providing advice on all website issues, from choosing a domain name (www. address) to designing, hosting and maintaining your website.

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Getting found on Google

We can also provide advice on how to promote your website and increase your search engine listing results.

Search Engine Optimisation

Do you need help with web design? Does your existing website need to be redesigned? Perhaps you need help with social media or creating a Facebook page? We can help.

We want you to be satisfied with the style and content of your website, so communication is important throughout.

We hope that you find this website useful. If you scroll down you will find articles on topics such as search engine optimisation (seo) tips and tools, website promotion, keyword research, WordPress tips, Ecommerce, backing up data, and more.

Walker Websites Blog

Walker Websites blogWe have lots of useful information on our Walker Websites blog, such as: how to find images that are a certain size, how to pin a Facebook post to the top of the page, email signatures, Google Analytics, search engine optimisation (SEO) and more.


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Having a mobile friendly website

It is very important that your website is considered to be ‘mobile friendly’ by search engines such as Google. Otherwise it is less likely to be listed in mobile search results.

Mobile friendly website
You can test whether your website is considered by Google to be mobile friendly by using this link:
Test if Google considers your website to be mobile-friendly

Are you wondering what are the benefits of having a website?

Here are just a few

  • It creates a professional image and look for your business, reinforcing your brand identity and helping you to grow your business
  • It is a cost effective way to advertise your product or service online
  • Customers can access information about your business 24/7
  • Customers can be kept informed of up to date developments in your business
  • Customers can be emailed with product information, regular newsletters, and so on
  • It provides a virtual shop window where you can trade online
  • You can use your website to gather information about your customers
  • You can target overseas markets

Do you need some help with where to start?

Here are some things to think about:


  • What is the overall goal or objective of your website? In other words, “the website should have the ability to …”
  • Who is your target audience?
  • What content will you need to include?
  • Gather background information about your business
  • Look at other people’s websites to get an idea of what you want
  • Which are the important bits that you want people to be able to see without scrolling to find them?
  • Choosing a ‘domain name’ / website address (www…). Do you want to know if a web address is available? You can check the availability at www.ukreg.com


Why choose Walker Websites?

  • Free advice, helping you through the process of getting your information online
  • Web space can be provided for you at a reasonable price, or you can arrange this for yourself
  • You choose whether to maintain and update your own website or whether to pay for this to be done for you
  • You can do as much or as little of the work as you want – it is up to you