Using Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free tool that can be used to measure the success of and to improve the performance of a blog or website. In order to use Google Analytics you will need to sign up for an account, and also to add some of Google’s ‘tracking code’ to each of your website pages that you wish to monitor.

Here are 10 examples of things you can use it to measure:

  1. Number of daily visitors
  2. Average conversion rate (for example: convert to a sale, sign up, download a document)
  3. Which are your most visited pages
  4. What is the average time spent on your website
  5. How often do visitors return
  6. What is the geographic distribution and language setting of visitors
  7. What is the bounce rate (do visitors stay on your website, or just visit one single page)
  8. Which pages do visitors view first (landing page) or last before they leave
  9. What type of web browsers are your visitors using
  10. If a visitor came to your website via a search engine, which keywords did they use to search




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