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There are lots of useful links – how to find and resize images, create a sitemap, find icons, a link to a WordPress tutorial, and more.

Image search, image resize, logos, favicons …

Buttons, Icons, Backgrounds, Banners

Graphic Design

Sitemaps, Tools

Keyword Suggestion Tools

Competitor Analysis

Directory listings

Search engine optimisation


Google My Business

WordPress tutorial

Image search, image resize, logos, favicons …

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Create your own free logos:

Free online logo maker:

Logo design:

Free logo generator:

Thumbnail generator:

Image resizers: 1. 2. 3.

Buttons, Backgrounds, Banners

Create your own free web buttons: 1) 2)

Free web background images:

Sound effects, wallpaper, fonts:


Icons: 1) 2)

Graphic Design

Graphic design tool:

Sitemaps, Tools

Free online sitemap generator:

Colour Scheme designer:

Meta tag generator (generates the HTML description and keyword codes):

HTML codes – characters and symbols:

HTML colour codes:

WHOIS (Check domain registration details):

Nominet (Check domain addresses):

Keyword Suggestion Tools

Keyword suggestion tool:

Keyword research and analysis tool:

Ubersuggest free keyword tool:

Suggestion keyword finder:

Competitor Analysis

Grow your youtube channel:

Directory Listings

Get your business advertised in a free directory listing:

UK Small Business Directory:

Free business listing:

Information on getting your website listed by search engines such as Google:

Search Engine Optimisation

Moz beginners guide to SEO

Google SEO starter guide


CSS Templates:

Free and premium templates:

Free brochure links:

Google My Business

Google My Business connects you directly with customers, whether they’re looking for you on Search, Maps or Google+.

Google My Business: