Website Health Check

With regard to your website, how many of these suggested good practices can you tick …

  • Is your website organised into 5-8 main pages?
  • Have you tried not to rely heavily on images, with little accompanying text, which could cause problems for search engines such as Google?
  • Have you tried to avoid large images which are slow to load?
  • Do you have a memorable URL (web address)?
  • You can check here if your website is mobile friendly
  • Have you checked that you have meaningful page titles for each page? (the title is what appears at the top of your web browser)
  • Have you added meta descriptions to each page and included your keywords to entice people to click on your webpage?
  • Have you reviewed the navigation structure of your website and checked for any stray webpages that are hard to navigate to?
  • Have you submitted a sitemap for your website?
  • Where possible, have you used page names and sub-page names that are keywords?
  • Do you need to research new keywords?

If you need any further help or advice, you can contact Jane Walker – telephone 0777 169 1194.

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